Conheça o Material Poliamida PA2200 utilizado na Manufatura Aditiva pela Fastparts

Conheça o Material Poliamida PA2200 utilizado na Manufatura Aditiva pela Fastparts

Publicado em: 27 de julho de 2021

PA2200 Balance 1.0 EOS Gmbh- Electrical Optical Systems


Product Texts

This whitish fine powder PA 2200 on the basis of polyamide 12 serves with its very well-balanced property profile a wide variety of applications. Laser-sintered parts made from PA 2200 possess excellent material properties:

  • high strength and stiffness
  • good chemical resistance
  • excellent long-term constant behaviour
  • high selectivity and detail resolution
  • various finishing possibilities (e.g. metallisation, stove enamelling, vibratory grinding, tub colouring, bonding, powder coating, flocking)
  • bio compatible according to EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C
  • approved for food contact in compliance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC (exception: high alcoholic foodstuff)

Typical applications of the material are fully functional plastic parts of highest quality. Due to the excellent mechanical properties the material is often used to substitute typical injection moulding plastics. The biocompatibility allows its use e.g. for prostheses, the high abrasion resistance allows e.g. the realisation of movable part connections.

120 µm layer thickness

The advantage of the Balance parameter set is equilibrium. The layer thickness of 120 µm offers a perfect balance between production costs, mechanical properties, surface quality and accuracy. It is therefore suitable for parts with varying geometries, dimensions and requirements.

More properties, especially anisotropic data of this material can be found at www.eos.info.

Mechanical propertiesValueUnitTest Standard
ISO Data
Tensile Modulus1650MPaISO 527
Tensile Strength48MPaISO 527
Strain at break18%ISO 527
Flexural modulus, 23°C1500MPaISO 178
Charpy impact strength, +23°C53kJ/m²ISO 179/1eU
Charpy notched impact strength, +23°C4.8kJ/m²ISO 179/1eA
Izod notched impact strength, +23°C4.4kJ/m²ISO 180/1A
Shore D hardness75ISO 7619-1
Thermal propertiesValueUnitTest Standard
ISO Data
Melting temperature, 10°C/min176°CISO 11357-1/-3
Vicat softening temperature, B163°CISO 306
Burning behav. at 1.5 mm nom. thickn.HBclassIEC 60695-11-10
Thickness tested1.6mm
Burning behav. at thickness hHBclassIEC 60695-11-10
Thickness tested0.5mm
Other propertiesValueUnitTest Standard
Density930kg/m³ISO 1183
Material Properties



Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

Delivery form

Powder, White

Chemical Resistance

General Chemical Resistance


US Pharmacopeia Class VI Approved

Regional Availability

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, Near East/Africa

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