Our Story

Since 1997 Fastparts has been working on the development of prototypes for several segments of companies in Brazil and abroad. Its current brand design represented its professional success during all these years and consolidated the company becoming a reference in its area of ​​operation.

As a landmark and commemoration of the company’s 20 years, we present its new visual identity, more connected with the contemporary and technological universe in which Fastparts finds itself. In its principles orbited the development of prototyping, but the range of performance was extended during all those years. So now, his name is signed without surname, the FastParts – Prototypes is now, FASTPARTS.

We have materialized our purposes as a company in the design of this new visual identity that reflects the excellence of its wide portfolio of services aligned with its vision, mission and values. The angles are converted into designs, the spacing of their shapes in volume, and the elements that repeat in movement. Its new signature is strong, spaced, modern, and shows itself aligned with its technological resources, its highly qualified team and the complete infrastructure for the development of projects at the most diverse levels.


“Be a reference in international service markets with quality in prototyping, offering continuous innovation in technological solutions.”


“Supply the market with prototyping solutions, seeking the continuous improvement of processes, meeting customer requirements, ensuring the solidity of the company in the market.”


  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Professional Qualification
  • Technological Equipment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Respect for Life Quality