In activity since 1997, FASTPARTS works at developing prototyping projects. Since the start of its activities the company has invested in acquiring machines and equipment in the numerical command machining center with slow speed for producing tridimensional parts. Then, there was investment in management system software to manage budgets, production and the financial area better. A small vacuum chamber, which served only to make silicon molds, and engineering software to produce parts in three dimensions (of high technology at the time) were acquired to speed up both industrial and company management processes.


Fast Parts has an installation of more than 1700m², which includes support areas for engineering, painting and numerical command machines for machining. It came into being in order to aid in the launching of products of engineers, planners and designers, offering solutions and a team of professionals for producing quality prototypes.

Today we perform in several industrial segments, investing constantly in cooperation in technological innovation and research to understand the widely varying company requirements.

All the prototyping system is prepared to offer field, durability and laboratory test conditions, as well as the design for creating new products, in order to meet the requirements of engineering in transforming projects into reality.

Fast Parts is prepared to produce the most detailed prototypes, attending to large companies.

Developing new products is the basis of the activities of Fast Parts. Companies which develop their own products, not only in Joinville, but all over Santa Catarina State and part of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, were the first with which Fast Parts developed market relations.

There are 07 machining centers working 24 hours per day, in processes including RenShape resin, ABS, PU, MDF, EPS, nylon, acrylic, steel, aluminum, etc.